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Lookbook Roundup

So far this year, we have created 11 look books ranging from doilies to dolls and bright colorful decor. We hope that these guides filled with patterns and product suggestions have helped inspire you.

Explore our 2017 collection of look books here:

Year of Three Colorful Ways
Year of Three Colorful Ways Look Book
Soft Esentials
Soft Essentials eBook Michaels
Color Pooling
Jump into Color Pooling Look Book

Shawls for All
Shawls for All Look Book
Create with Color
Create with Color Look Book
Joy of Doilies
Joy of Doilies Look Book

Dress Your Doll
Dress Your Doll Look Book
Happy Place
This is Our Happy Place Look Book
Hygge Look Book

Winter Style
Winter Style Look Book
Joyful home
Joyful Home Look Book

We started the year with bright colorways that pop and then gave a special look into our soft essentials yarn line. From there we started to explore color pooling with little help from Marly Bird and we wrapped up with some stunning shawls. Spring kicked off with brightly colored home decor, doilies and doll outfits, while our Happy Place look book emphasized brightening your home with fun and useful everyday items. As summer turned to fall, hygee took the spotlight showcasing the comfy and cozy textures. We rounded things out with a winter wardrobe style guide and a sneak peek into our holiday decor ideas.

With the holiday season just around the corner, these look books can serve as a catalog for gift giving and beyond.

Don’t miss our last two look books of the year. Just a hint: one will help you with your holiday gifts and the other will help with cleaning up some messes.

Lookbook Roundup

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