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Movie-Friendly Stitching

By: Cat Babbie

It’s no secret we all love stitching, and it’s a safe bet most of us love watching TV and movies too! If you’d like to combine these two hobbies; but don’t want to end up with a mess of yarn on your lap after an exciting show, check out these projects! We picked them based on their easy skill levels and repeating stitch patterns.

To help increase your confidence with knitting or crocheting, without having to look at every stitch, don’t forget to practice! Try making a stitch with your eyes closed, think about how your hands move to make a stitch. Even if you have to glance down from time to time, you’ll still be able to follow along with your favorite show. As you get started, it might help to watch something you’ve seen before, so you don’t worry about missing out on anything! 

7 Days of Face Pads
Knitted with Scrubby Cotton
Pompom Trio Trim Free Craft Pattern LW5942
Color-Block Baskets
Crocheted with Classic
Pompoms for the Hair Free Craft Pattern LW4371
Napa Rib Collar Poncho
Knitted in Super Saver Ombre
Pompom Monsters Free Craft Pattern LW5782

Make Waves Throw
Crocheted in Evermore
Yarn Pom Pom Wall Tree Free Craft Pattern LM5756
Voluminous Cowl
Knitted in Grande
Pompom Garland Free Crochet Pattern LW3160
Skinny Scarf
Crocheted in Hopscotch
Fun & Funky Tree Topper Free Craft Pattern LW5730

Up the Volume Scarf
Knitted in Collage
Pom-dorable Hat Free Crochet Pattern LM5492
Wide Stripes Wash Cloths
Crocheted in Scrubby Cotton
Little Miss Pompom Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW5515
Inviting Knit Pillows
Knitted with Irresistible
Monogram Pom Pom Hats Free Knitting Pattern LW5253

Shaded Shells Throw
Crocheted in Super Saver Ombre
Fantastic Pommed Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW5380
Simple Crescent Shawl
Knitted in Hopscotch
Soft Shades Earflap Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW4923
Neapolitan Scarf
Crocheted in Super Saver
Ganymede Hat Free Crochet Pattern LM5424

Movie-Friendly Stitching

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