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Super Colorful Patterns with Super Saver Yarn

By Donna Stinson

Red Heart Super Saver is one of America’s Favorite yarns and with good reason. With over 120 colors you can take any pattern and make it your own. Plus, you can use the Super Saver Stripes and Super Saver Ombré yarn to create even more color effects. See the patterns below to get you started.

Pulled Taffy Blanket
Crocheted in Super Saver
Pulled Taffy Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW5265
Diagonal Squares Throw
Knit in Super Saver
Diagonal Squares Throw Free Knitting Pattern LW5501
Corner-to-Corner Ombre Throw
Crocheted in Super Saver Ombré
Corner-to-Corner Ombre Throw Free Crochet Pattern LM5438
Chevron Chic Baby Dress
Crocheted in Super Saver
Chevron Chic Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern LW4382
Girl’s Cabled Dress
Knit in Super Saver
Girl’s Cabled Dress Free Knitting pattern LW4669
Flower Child Vest
Crocheted in Super Saver
Flower Child Vest Free Crochet Pattern LW3762
Girls’ Fringed Scarf
Knit in Super Saver
Girls’ Fringed Scarf Free Knitting Pattern LW5466
Hootin’ Owl Hat
Crocheted in Super Saver
Hootin’ Owl Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW4741
Snow-Speckled Hat
Knit in Super Saver
Snow-Speckled Hat Free Knitting Pattern LM5513
Triangle Puzzle Pillow
Crocheted in Super Saver
Triangle Puzzle Pillow Free Crochet Pattern LM5474
Cozy Kiddo Poncho
Knit in Super Saver Stripes
Cozy Kiddo Poncho Free Knitting Pattern LM5444
Textured Waves Rug
Crocheted in Super Saver
Textured Waves Rug Free Crochet Pattern LW3533
Princess Bear Play Set
Crocheted in Super Saver
Princess Bear Play Set Free Crochet Pattern LW5516
Teddy Bear Pillow Pal
Knit in Super Saver
Teddy Bear Pillow Pal Free Knitting Pattern LW2669
Super Hero Bear Set
Crocheted in Super Saver
Super Hero Bear Set Free Crochet Pattern LW5517

Free patterns, colors galore, what more could you ask for? has over 3000 free patterns. There is a design in practically any and every category you could think of. The vibrant colors of Super Saver will help brighten your day. Are your hooks and needles ready?


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Super Colorful Patterns with Super Saver Yarn