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Yarn Craft Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer

by Bobbie Matela

Here is a collection of colorful crafty ideas from the Red Heart website. Hope you find an idea that your kids, grandkids or neighborhood kiddos will enjoy! It’s always fun to see kids become absorbed in the creative process. Just be sure not to frustrate them with projects that are beyond their dexterity level.

We’ve included yarn crafts, beginner crochet and beginner knit projects.

For Kids' Summer Crafts

Easy Wrap Cans
Crafted in Super Saver
Easy Wrap Cans Free Craft Pattern LM5514
Cool Canvas Yarn Art
Crafted in Super Saver
Cool Canvas Yarn Art Free Craft Pattern LM5512
Decorative Yarn Spheres
Crafted in Soft
Decorative Yarn Spheres Free Craft Pattern LW5238
Pompom Wall Hanging
Crafted in Super Saver
Pompom Wall Hanging Free Craft Pattern LW5236
Day of the Dead Necklaces
Crafted in Super Saver
Day of the Dead Necklaces Free Craft Pattern LW5403
Wrapped Twig Jewelry Holder
Crafted in Super Saver
Wrapped Twig Jewelry Holder Free Craft Pattern LW4370
Pompom Bookmark
Crafted in Super Saver
Pompom Bookmark Free Craft Pattern LW4323
Crafty Flower Pots
Crafted in Super Saver
Crafty Flower Pots Free Craft Pattern LM5507
Everyday Ornament
Crafted in Super Saver
Everyday Ornament Free Craft Pattern LM5509
Tassel Wall Hanging
Crafted in Super Saver
Tassel Wall Hanging Free Craft Pattern LW5243
Wide Braid Headband
Crafted in Super Saver
Wide Braid Headband Free Craft Pattern LW4372
FUN Wrapped Letters
Crafted in Soft
FUN Wrapped Letters Free Craft Pattern LW4059
Butterfly Trim
Crafted in Super Saver
Butterfly Trim Free Craft Pattern LW2275

For Kids Ready to Learn to Crochet

Single Square Coasters
Crocheted in Gumdrop and Soft
Single Square Coasters Free Crochet Pattern LW3845
Crochet Change Purse
Crocheted in Super Saver
Crochet Change Purse Free Crochet Pattern LW3547
Got Spirit Hat
Crocheted in Team Spirit
Got Spirit Hat Free Crochet Pattern LW2924
Coaster Set
Crocheted in Super Saver
Coaster Set Free Crochet Pattern LW2248
Skinny Scarf
Crocheted in Hopscotch
Skinny Scarf Free Crochet Pattern LM5598
Let's Win Scarf
Crocheted in Team Spirit
Let's Win Scarf Free Crochet Pattern LW2933
Buttoned Up Cuff
Crocheted in Reflective
Buttoned Up Cuffs Free Crochet Pattern LW4166

For Kids Ready to Learn to Knit

Cup Cozy
Knit in Super Saver
Cup Cozy Free Knitting Pattern LW2235
Two-Pointed Hat
Knit in Soft
Two-Pointed Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW2446
Knit Change Purse
Knit in Super Saver
Knit Change Purse Free Knitting Pattern LW3546
Funtastic Scarf
Knit in Gumdrop
Funtastic Scarf Free Knitting Pattern LW2888

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Yarn Craft Ideas to Keep the Kids Busy This Summer