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Two-Hour Dishcloths to Crochet and Knit

by Margaret Eckman

It won't take you long to crochet and knit these dishcloths. Since they only take a couple of hours each, you can make an entire set in a week -- perfect for a last-minute housewarming gift!

All crochet and knit patterns shown are free to download. Click on the image to go to the pattern page for more information and the PDF. Note that the estimate of two hours is for an individual dishcloth and not for an entire set that may be shown. Time will vary depending on comfort with the stitching and the yarn and attention given.

Wise Owl Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby
Wise Owl Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW4507
Splash of Citrus Scrubby
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Splash of Citrus Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5158
Clean in Stripes Dishcloth
Knit in Scrubby
Clean in Stripes Dishcloth Free Knitting Pattern LW4508
Dishcloths Bouquet
Crocheted in Creme de la Creme
Dishcloths Bouquet Free Crochet Pattern LW4838
Corner-to-Corner Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby
Corner-to-Corner Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5114
Wide Stripes Wash Cloths
Crocheted in Scrubby Cotton
Wide Stripes Wash Cloths Free Crochet Pattern LW5306
Striping Sparkle Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby Sparkle
Striping Sparkle Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5311
Posey Scrubby
Crocheted in Scrubby Sparkle
Posey Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5309
Tomato Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby
Tomato Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5578
Pear Scrubby
Crocheted in Scrubby
Pear Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern LW5581
Scrubby Rectangle
Knit in Scrubby Cotton
Scrubby Rectangle Free Knitting Pattern LW5674
Mitered Dishcloths
Crocheted in Creme de la Creme
Mitered Dishcloths Free Crochet Pattern LW4818
Coffee Mug Scrubby
Knit in Scrubby Sparkle
Coffee Mug Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern LW5571
Hexagon Crochet Dishcloth
Crocheted in Scrubby
Hexagon Crochet Dishcloth Free Crochet Pattern LW4793
Fish-Time Scrubbing Mitt
Knit in Scrubby
Fish-Time Scrubbing Mitt Free Knitting Pattern LW4791

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Two-Hour Dishcloths to Crochet and Knit