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Acrylic Yarn

Red Heart With Love yarn

Acrylic yarn is great to work with for all levels of crocheters and knitters. With several 100% acrylic yarns in dozens of colors, you're sure to find the right Red Heart acrylic yarn for you.

Acrylic yarn is easy to care for. Many acrylic yarns, including popular yarns such as Red Heart Super Saver yarn, Red Heart Soft yarn, and Red Heart With Love yarn, Red Heart Classic yarn, and Red Heart Comfort yarn, are machine washable and dryable. With acrylic yarn, you never have to worry about your yarn felting.

Acrylic yarn is hypoallergenic for most people. Unlike wool or other yarns from animal fibers, people are unlikely to be allergic to acrylic yarn.

Even yarns that are all 100% acrylic can feel very different from each other. Red Heart Super Saver, our most popular acrylic yarn, is sturdy and durable; it's perfect for items that get a lot of wear such as bags and throws. Other acrylic yarns such as Red Heart Soft Baby Steps are very soft and perfect for baby items. Finally, yarns such as Red Heart Unforgettable and Red Heart Unforgettable Waves have a looser texture and are great for accessories.

LW5179 Cozy Baby Cap Knitting Pattern

Acrylic yarn can be Oeko-Tex certified. Red Heart Baby Hugs yarns are certified free from over 300 harmful substances, so they are great to use for projects for babies.

Bugs and varmints don't want to eat acrylic yarn. There's no need to worry about getting mothballs when you store your acrylic throws over the summer -- they'll be fresh and free of holes when you unpack them again when the weather cools.

Acrylic yarn is spun from acrylic fiber. Many Red Heart yarns, including Red Heart Super Saver yarn, are made in the USA. Watch the video below to see how Super Saver is made.

Acrylic Yarn

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