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How to Crochet Popcorns

by Kathryn Vercillo

Once you learn the basic crochet shell stitch, you are well on your way to being able to make popcorn stitches. The process starts the same: you crochet all of the stitches into the same stitch. The difference is that you will join them at the top. Here's how it's done, using the 5 dc popcorn stitch as an example. If you prefer illustrations to photographs, the last two steps of this sequence also have illustrations of the same steps.

Double crochet into the stitch where you are going to make your popcorn.

4 more dc into the same stitch. Note that at this stage you have created a 5 dc shell stitch.

Now, remove the hook from the working loop that is at the top of the last double crochet stitch.

Re-insert the hook from front to back into the top of the first double crochet in the group.

Pick up the working loop that you left on the 5th double crochet stitch.

Pull it through the top of the 1st double crochet stitch to close the entire group.

Optional: Chain one. This step is used to secure the top of the popcorn closed. Not all patterns call for this so be sure to check your instructions.

Popcorns can be worked in single crochet, half double crochetdouble crochettreble crochet, or longer stitches. Here are a couple of examples:

Popcorn made with 6 hdc

Popcorn made with 3 dtr stitches

The Popcorn Square in the Checkerboard Textures Throw uses 4 dc

The Aran Hearts Throw uses a popcorn of 4 sc

Below: LW2998 Forever Flowers Crochet Pattern

How to Crochet Popcorns

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