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How to Hold the Yarn and Knitting Needles

The right needle is held as if holding a knife. The left needle is held lightly in the same position, with the needle tips pointing toward each other.

There are various methods of winding the yarn around the fingers to control the tension and produce even stitches. Use whichever method feels comfortable to you and allows you to keep an even tension on the yarn.

Holding the yarn in your right hand is called English style, or "throwing". Many beginner knitters find this way the easiest.

Holding the yarn in your left hand is called continental style, or "picking". This method is faster, and many beginner knitters who already know how to crochet and are used to holding the yarn in their left hands find this method easiest.

The relationship of the yarn and the needles to each other as you work a stitch is the same whether you are knitting English style or continental style.

Below is one method of holding the yarn and needles to knit English style. This method works well once you are comfortable making stitches.

Holding the yarn in your right hand, pass it between the third finger and the pinky. Wind the yarn over the third finger, under the second finger and over the index finger. Winding the yarn around your fingers creates the tension that is necessary for producing even knitting.

Below: LW3615 Honeycomb Wrap Knit Pattern

How to Hold the Yarn and Knitting Needles