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How to Make Pompoms

It's easier than you think to make pompoms! Find out how in this article, complete with step-by-step pictures. As a bonus, go here to see instructions from Handmade Charlotte on how to make a super big pompom in just one minute!

1. To make a pompom, you'll need yarn, scissors and a pompom maker. We used Red Heart Soft and a Susan Bates Easy-Wrap Pom Pon Maker.

2. The Easy-Wrap Pom Pon Maker comes with instructions and 4 sizes of guides: 1", 1.75", 2" and 3.5". For our demonstration we used the green 2" guide.

3. First, separate the pieces. The top two pieces show what the A and B pieces look like when they are separated. At the bottom the pieces are still connected as they are in the package.

pompom blog a_1 pompom blog b pompom blog d

4. Put one of each type of piece back to back [a] and start to wrap the yarn around, leaving a tail [b].

pompom blog e pompom blog f

5. Stop when you've put several layers of yarn over the guides [a]. Repeat on the rest of the same color guide, making sure to wrap the same number of times. [b]

pompom blog g pompom blog h

6. Put the two halves together to form an entire circle, inserting the flat feet into the slotted feet as shown here. [a and b]

pompom blog i pompom blog j

7. Insert your scissors between the pices and cut around the circle but do not remove the guides. You may need to experiment with different scissor blade widths depending on how close together you put the pieces. [a and b]

pompom blog k pompom blog l

8. Cut two 12" pieces of yarn and insert them between the halves. Pull them tight and knot before removing the guides.[a] Trim the pompom to even it out, leaving the middle pieces long to hang it with or attach it. [b]

pompom blog m pompom blog n

Below: LW3160 Pompom Garland Free Crochet Pattern

How to Make Pompoms

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