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Loom Knitting: Beginners Basics | RedHeart

Why Loom Knit?

Loom knitting creates a knit fabric just like needle knit, but the process is super simple, extremely easy to learn and to do! Great for anyone from experienced knitters to ‘want to be knitters’.

Instead of working on 2 needles, the knitter works along the loom where stitches are easily seen; you cannot loose your place, and it’s easy to see if you make a mistake. Keep it simple, or learn intricate advanced stitches with free patterns.

Check out these tutorials to get started:
Casting On
Knit Stitch
Purl Stitch
E-wrap Stitch
Binding Off

Double knitting is so easy on looms! It works across 2 rows of pegs, and create a 2-sided fabric with no backside. This is great for afghans, shawls, scarves, and any item where you want to see both sides. Learning to double knit is actually the easiest way to loom knit and super fast!

Learn the basics of double knitting
Cast On
Bind Off
Stockinette Stitch
Ribbing Stitch

Some find sock knitting with needles a bit awkward, but with looms the process is simple and easy. Use Sock Loom 2 to create chunky socks and much more. The loom has an adjustable slider to allow for many sizes.

Check out Heel and Toe techniques.

From simple scarves and hats, baby items, large afghans to large chunky sweaters and colorful socks, loom knitting makes it fun and easy.

View additional loom knitting patterns on

Loom Knitting: Beginners Basics | RedHeart