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Why We Don’t Recommend Substitute Yarns

A frequent question we receive is why we don't recommend substitutes for discontinued yarns in our patterns, or have a master list of current yarns that are similar to discontinued yarns or colors. The short answer: yarns aren't identical. Keep reading to see a more detailed explanation.

Discontinued Colors

We cannot recommend replacements of discontinued colors because we do not know your tastes. Each person will have her or his own preferences as to which color is suitable to be a replacement for a discontinued color.

The replacement color must be a color that you like and work with the other colors in the project. Additionally, it must match the rest of the decor, for a home decor item, or look good on the recipient, for an article of clothing or an accessory.

Discontinued Yarns

No two yarns are an exact match, so we cannot recommend replacements for discontinued yarns. Some yarns are similar enough that you may be able to make a pattern using a different yarn, but the texture will be different. You will have to experiment with your crochet hook or knitting needles to find the gauge that works for you and for the pattern, since gauge is rarely identical between similar yarns.

The color patterns are also different between yarn lines. Just because two yarn lines do not have solid colors doesn't mean that the color changes will look the same or that you will be able to achieve the same effect when you have a different yarn.

Additionally, we may not have any yarn in our current line of products that is similar at all to the discontinued yarn.

Why We Don’t Recommend Substitute Yarns